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National Rec Cup!

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Here's a quick news flash to check out this to check out our brand new concept for Rec hockey in the UK!
Also the SDC will return this year in a slightly different form but more details on that soon!
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Beer League UK - Achievements 12-13

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So as our first season of trying to bring the UK's Rec hockey players together slides to an end, I felt it would be a good idea to quickly run over everything we have achieved!
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The Stanley Keg

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July 2013 saw us host our first ever tournament... The Stanley Keg!

It took place at Slough Ice Rink on Saturday and Sunday the 20-21st July. It was a fully EIHA approved tournament with two refs on the ice per game. It was also one of the hottest weekends of the years with the temperatures outside peaking at near 30 degrees C, not that we noticed the heat from the score booth but it was certainly noticeable with kit on the ice!
The six teams took to the ice for the first game at 3:15 with the heavily experienced Cambridge Eskimos taking on the Chelmsford Mis-Chiefs who where coming to the end of their first season as a team! Chelmsford did well to hold off the strong start from Cambridge but the pure experience and pressure from Cambridge resulted in a 9 - 1 win to the Eskimos. A similar story happened in game two with Westminster Statesmen taking on the Peterborough Predators who have again only been together a single season! Again the experience from Westminster proved too much for the team from peterborough with the statesmen bagging two points in a 6 - 1 win.

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New Tournament Annoucement

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This year will see the first tournament we have organised... The Stanley Keg!

It will take place at Slough Ice Rink on the Saturday and Sunday or 20-21st July. This is an EIHA approved tournament with two refs on the ice per game.
A simple break down is as follows:
Non contact
Eight teams playing in two divisions on the Saturday
The top two teams after Saturdays games from each division will face each other on the Sunday playing for the Cup.
The bottom two teams from each division will play for a Plate on the Sunday instead of the Cup.

See the "The Stanley Keg" tab on the left for details!
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Arena PA App Review

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Arena PA Review

A big problem for amatture teams is always finding enough people to fill all of the jobs on game night. With people low on the ground often things such as running the clock have to understandably take priority. What is really needed is a simple interface on something like a smart phone which people can use! Here is where Arena PA steps in.
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Renew Your Skate Blades Bite

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All hockey players know the importance of having a decent edge on their blades. We've all had the experience of a dull edge causing us to fall on a tight turn or whilst stopping. We've also all been in the situation where you know you need your blades sharpened but there's no time, no where's open or your mid game and damaged an edge!

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Teaching the Adult Goalie from

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Take a look at this article from the latest issue of ingoal magazine. Ingoal mag is a free online only magazine from the US featuring reviews, player interviews and a whole lot more. Deffinetly worth a look!

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Southern Conference round up

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So we come to the end of another season for the Southern Conference and what a year it has been! All of the teams came on so much between seasons that no one (other than a few Blizzards players perhaps) could of predicted the outcome of either the league or playoffs stage!
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NHL Lock Out, What it really means

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With the NHL lockout now fully upon us we thought we would take a moment to go through the deeper less obvious damage to the game beyond the obvious disappointment to the fans!
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